In November 1944, an ungainly piece of equipment was introduced into service in the British and Canadian armies. Referred to at the time as the ‘Valentine 17-pounder SP’, and later as the ‘Archer’, it was a tracked vehicle with an open compartment at the front and a large gun facing to the rear.

Assigned to give anti-tank support to the infantry, the Archer fought in many difficult battles that had to be won in order to defeat Nazi Germany. It continued to serve in the British Army until 1955.

This book tells the story of the Archer from start to finish. It includes the vehicle’s design and development, a detailed description, and contemporary discussions of its merits and flaws. The battles in which it fought are recounted, from its field trials in Normandy and Italy, to the battle for the Rhineland, and points beyond.

Based on archival research at The National Archives of the UK, Library and Archives Canada, and The Tank Museum at Bovington, this book will appeal to military vehicle enthusiasts, scale modellers, and those interested in the Second World War.

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